What is a ‘UYOP’ Workshop

Scrapbookin’ Adventures’ popular ‘USE YOUR OWN PRODUCT’ (UYOP) workshop was developed in 2009 on Vancouver Island BC.  At that time in our retail location we were consistently hearing our customers say things like:

·         I have SO much product at home to use first
·         I need more IDEAS for layouts
·         I’m just not CREATIVE
·         I don’t have TIME to scrapbook anymore

Our solution was to help you go through your product, create easy kits and then spend ONE DAY creating TWENTY LAYOUTS … yes, that’s right … 20 layouts in one day that you don’t have to think about !!

The concept was a hit and it has been our most popular workshop each year since that date.  We have even travelled to other retail locations and charity events to teach it to as many excited scrapbookers as we can ….. reaching numbers of 100 ladies in one workshop !!

It is simple ……
·         You register for our UYOP online with us
·         3 weeks prior to the workshop date we send you ‘Kit Instructions’ to create your kits at home with your product
·         You bring your (20) kits to the workshop
·         We teach you one layout at a time all day long

You get to scrapbook with friends and use some of the fab product you’ve been collecting and don’t have to think about a thing …. Doesn’t get better than this !!

Our workshops have a small on-site store with all our current kits, cardstock, adhesive, ribbon and more fun bits for you to purchase throughout the day ……

Your instruction kit includes:
·         A sketch of the layout that will be taught to help you pack your kit
·         Step by step instructions on what you need for each kit
·         Tips and tricks to make sure you bring everything you’ll need to our workshop
·         SUPPORT via email or phone to help you get prepared for this fast pace, exciting day full of fun


  1. Hi I'm interested in taking a yuop workshop! When and where do I sign up?

  2. Oh my gosh Terri !! We are so sorry that we didn't reply sooner ... This comment wet to our junk mail (weird) and just saw it this am as we were deleting old info !!

    We have our last UYOP until the fall coming up on April 30th ... All the details are at the below link including how to register online !!

    Please email if you have any more questions!!

    Again our apologies for the delayed reply ...

  3. I would love to attend your UYOP in Calgary but I am away at that time ( 28 Jan 2017). Can I purchase your instruction kit?